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Ratefy gives a list of offers for dollar-to-naira exchange that you can select from as a remote worker

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Exchange foreign currency funds to Naira in few minutes at the best rate. Keep more of what you earn as a freelancer, content creator.

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Accept Payments from foreign clients through any preferred popular payment platform to our third-party accounts and we pay you in Naira.

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No Payoneer or PayPal account to make withdrawal? No problem. We help you process withdrawal to one of our accounts. You can check the available

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Here is a quick introductory videos to how Ratefy works and how you can go about Initiating a transaction.

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Don't worry; you're not alone. 



As a registered user, select the appropriate Payoneer offer from the list above, Get your receiving amount, attach your bank account and follow the offer instructions to complete the exchange. Naira will be sent to you as soon as your payment has been confirmed.

Freelancers and remote workers can exchange and receive payment through Ratefy. Fraudsters are highly prohibited from using Ratefy for any purpose.

Yes, you can use Ratefy's Payoneer and PayPal accounts to withdraw your funds from legit websites like; Fiverr, Upwork etc. Kindly check the rate and use the live chat/ WhatsApp to proceed with the withdraws.

All exchange rates are widely displayed on the landing page and dashboard. Rates are updated every hour.

Ratefy is 100% safe for users as all funds are secured by our escrow technology and payout are made automatically through a licensed FinTech Partner. RATEFY TECHNOLOGY is a company duly registered in Nigeria (RC 941579)

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