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How To Convert/Sell/Withdraw Payoneer Dollar Funds To Naira In Nigeria - An Easy Approach

Not many Nigerians are aware of the easy route to withdrawing their Payoneer dollar to naira in Nigeria, hence using unprofitable methods to convert and withdraw their Payoneer dollar to naira. Whether you are a freelancer needing to withdraw from Fiverr or Upwork, a remote worker, a Tiktok content creator or an online entrepreneur. What we have in this blog post is an easy guide on how you can withdraw your Payoneer Dollar to Naira at a profitable rate.

Payoneer has grown to be a beneficial solution that allows Nigerian gig workers, online entrepreneurs, and content creators to receive foreign funds effortlessly. When these funds are received in the Payoneer e-wallet, then the need to convert and withdraw these funds to their local currency (naira) arises. Many are always meticulous and sceptical about this phase due to some identified fears, some of which include: the fear of not being duped by fraudulent exchangers, the fear of technical glitches that might lead to funds being held down or the fear of exorbitant charges to be incurred if doing a straight-to-account withdrawal. 

It will be good to know that all these fears can be avoided if Ratefy, a payment processing and exchange platform is brought into the picture. 

Ratefy is an exchange platform that solely helps freelancers, remote workers, content creators and business owners process the exchange of their foreign currency to naira at higher exchange rates. 



There are majorly two ways you can convert your Payoneer funds to Naira using Ratefy. 

First is by using the Payoneer-to-Payoneer exchange where you get to make a direct transfer from your Payoneer account to Ratefy’s Payoneer account. Doing this will allow you to enjoy updated exchange dollar-to-naira rates 

The second way to get your Payoneer funds converted to naira with Ratefy is when you use the Payment Request feature. This feature allows you to use any of Ratefy’s third-party accounts to receive your foreign funds from other payment platforms and exchange them directly to naira. 


Freelancers who use platforms like Fiverr or Upwork can benefit greatly from the Payoneer exchange. 

Here is how -

You just need to choose Payoneer as your receiving account and request to use one of our third-party accounts for the payment receipt and you are good to go.  The same thing goes for TikTok content creators who want to use Payoneer as their exchange method 


Ratefy as an exchange platform can be distinguished from its peers in the way it prioritises customer satisfaction. Ratefy is committed to seeing that its users get the best experience when they transact. It is committed to seeing that every customer enjoys seamless and fast transactions because money is an essential tool for improving business productivity.

Exchange rates at Ratefy are high and are consistent with updates from the black market. Ratefy updates its exchange rate consistently. This is to ensure that users are not denied their profit and also get the best value for their money

Using Ratefy for all Payoneer exchanges assures you of highly secured transactions. Transactions placed on the Ratefy platform are highly secured and are from infiltration by any third party.

Your overall business productivity is a concern to Ratefy. Ratefy is not only bothered by the exchanges you place on their platform but also by how you can boost your productivity. As a Ratefy user, you have access to being part of a community where productivity tips and resources are shared. 

Ratefy rewards its users. One of the amazing things about Ratefy is that it values the principle of loyalty. As a Ratefy user, you have access to amazing perks and benefits whenever you complete any of the loyalty tasks.

Dear Friend, you don’t have to feel like you are working on eggshells when you have got Payoneer funds to exchange for naira. Ratefy has got you on this!!


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