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New Features and Theme Launch on Ratefy Technology

At Ratefy Technology, we always look forward to serving our users better, so we've developed great features to help foster and guide you through our website.

With these new features and themes, we are sure to fuel our main aim, ensuring user access to our page is smoothened. And for new users to our page, this would also enhance your accessibility on Ratefy. Let's dig in.

Feature 1: Ratefy Chat Box

Ratefy chat box is a means our team curated to ease proper communication between admin and users on the platform. 

So in case you get stuck while using any of our services, an admin is always available to respond to your demands and find a solution to help you out.

You can also ensure you're making the right transaction or exchange by using the chat box to guide you.

While exchanging an e-wallet on the platform, you can now chat with an admin to confirm each step during your transaction. With this chatbox system, we are sure your transactions will go smoothly.

Feature 2: How To Videos

In 2022, an estimate curated by Statista discovered that over three billion people had used the internet to view a video by streaming or downloading at least once a month. 

This figure is expected to rise yearly, reaching about 3.5 billion by the end of this year. In view of this, several How To Videos have been curated to ensure a visual display of how you can go around the website. 

Although finding tabs around the website is easy with these videos, you can navigate them on time.

Feature 3: Monthly Package

Ratefy will choose one user monthly and send them a surprise gift box. That's right; we'll pick ONE lucky user each month from everyone who makes deals with us that month.

You stand a chance of winning by signing up on, ensuring to trade on the platform, following us on Instagram; and for winners, the gift box will be sent to you for free.

Feature 4: Business Profile

The business profile feature on Ratefy is meant to give business owners a sense of professionality. Your business profile details are requested to determine your eligibility and a means of verification. 

Finally, by updating your business profile, you get to present it as a means of identification about your trade with Ratefy Technology.

Wrap Up

We've come to the end of this guide. You can stick around with us as we further make your accessibility on our platform more efficient.


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